About the author

Jörn Lehnert is a digital artist living in Hamburg, Germany.

From early on, he has been on a quest for a place he truly could call his home.

Having spent a few years in the US, moving many times from apartment to apartment, he realized that the only true home was to be found inside.

While looking for something he really could believe in, he found Sacred Geometry and the science of numbers. A true home had to be built in harmony with the basic building blocks of nature. He discovered the UNIVERSO, a structure which contains all these components.

He also realized that it would not be enough to design only a home for himself and his family since it would take a whole village to raise a child, as the saying goes.

A village again would not be big enough to provide the necessary varied social interactions.

Though many people might prefer to live in a little shack in the woods, this would only represent the housing solution for a small group of people.

He arrived at the size of a small town of maybe 10,000 Inhabitants as an ideal living environment.

UNIVERSARIA is the outcome of his quest.

“So far I have only sketched out a rough draft, which I intend to refine over time, maybe with the help of others, who are more skilled in working out the details.

I realized that the important thing is to start living in a Mandala-City that by its design alone can restore the inhabitants to their normal healthy state after having been deformed by unhealthy architecture. The same could be said for the inner city of the mind.

Until it is possible to materialize this project on the outer, it can already be inhabited virtually.

The basis of this city is the UNIVERSO where the torus, the phi-matrix, the platonic solids and the Vector Equilibrium provide the frame for the 64-Tetrahedron-Grid and the Flower of Life. Everything in the universe is based on this set of geometrical “primitives”.

All this is explained in more detail on my website and fan page.” – Jörn Lehnert

email: mandalamatrix@gmx.de