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GK 32

Shadow - FAILURE
- I am going to loose all my money and die

- I know how to connect and prosper

- I know my place within my lineage


The parable of the 10 Talents.
“The parable of the Talents from the New Testament is an excellent metaphor for the 32nd Gift. Here is a loose translation: 
A landowner gave three of his tenants ten, five and one talent each (a talent being an ancient unit of currency) 
and bade them make something of their investment. 
The first man (who had been given ten talents) returned with twenty talents, 
the second man (who had been given five talents) returned with ten talents and
the third man (who had been given one talent) returned with only his one talent having buried it in the ground for fear of losing it. 
The landowner rewarded the first two men but took away the third man’s single talent.” 

Richard Rudd – GK 32

(C) 2020 Jörn Lehnert