Distilled from the Gene Keys by MandalaMatrix

GK 44

- I distrust all relationships

- I can pick up the scent of a true ally

- I see the entire tapestry of interaction


"One small town"

SHADOW – After several failed relationships our hero decides to stay single. “No one can be trusted, he/she decides. I will never meet “The One”
GIFT – He/she is invited to partake in a pilot project happening in a small town in his neighbourhood. 
The town is being completely remodeled with the help of investors and permaculture specialists. 
Every member of this network of independant participants donates three hours per week to the community. 
Green houses supply three times as much organic produce as the town itself can consume so that the rest is sold at neighbouring markets at agood price. 
All share in the profit.
Our hero is looking forward to meet new friends every week, sharing a common enthusiasm about the creative projects being realized.
He/she is feeling appreciated and welcomed within his/her new circle of friends.
SIDDHI – As the community flourishes, other small towns follow the example and join in on this grassroots movement, that is rapidly gaining momentum. 
“One Small Town will change the world.”

(C) 2020 Jörn Lehnert