Distilled by MandalaMatrix

GK 57

Shadow - UNEASE
- I am afraid of the future

- I have trust in the power of my intuition

Siddhi - CLARITY
- I transcend time through gentle softness


I am still looking for a fairy tale that fits this key.
It could go something like this:
The hero is in danger, feeling very uneasy about his situation.
A telepathic voice (fairy godmother) appears in his dreams warning him to move quickly to a safe place.
On his journey he is saved again and again by listening to his inner guide..
Feeling more confident every day, he finally arrives at his destination where he has to pass one more initiation,
 that can only be mastered through gentle softness, then allowing him to enter the temple of NOW, where all polarities merge.

(C) 2020 Jörn Lehnert